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The 17 x 11” Elliptical coil has and is proving to be a fantastic all round performing coil. Released to provide a well balanced coil which provides the prospector with good maneuverability in tight areas it continues to be a preferred coil of use for a lot of operators. 

With its elliptical shape it provides good coverage over the ground and the ability to search in and around the terrain and is also complemented in having excellent depth and sensitivity capabilities. When nugget hunting it can pick up the sub gram pieces and ensure that pinpointing is made easy with the tip of the coil.

It has a centre mount shaft mounting position with an 8mm nylon nut and bolt for extra strength. Also, being of the solid coil design it can help when grasses are long to push down close to the ground and not be hindered by sticks and the like stopping the swing. This coil is a great choice for excellent overall performance and balance and continues to find gold in many of the world’s gold prospecting regions.

.See the coil specs chart for more information on this product.

DD PRO operation hints & tips
With its excellent detecting capabilities you will find that this coil will ensure you have a great chance in the field as it will search deep as well as seeing the smaller sub gram targets quite easily. By keeping the coil close to the ground (no more that 1 inch above) you will find that the 0.1 gram nuggets can be heard at a couple of inches which is proving that the coil has good sensitivity. When pinpointing, slowly work up to the target and listen for the first response heard. Usually this is within the first inch in from the tip of the coil. Then repeat the process at 90 degrees from the first direction. Once you have a crosshair view of the location it becomes a lot easier to accurately dig for the target. The DD PRO allows the operator to have quiet operation in the heavier mineralised areas ensuring faint target responses are heard. Needing only to overlap the coil by one third, this coil can cover the ground quickly due to its elliptical shape making this a great choice for the more open areas in the detecting field. This is a good medium-sized patch hunting coil.

Anti-Interference (AI) operation hints & tips
To say that the AI coils are sleepers is a huge understatement. We have heard that these coils are proving to be a coil of choice in a lot of areas around the world as detecting areas become more susceptible to external interference. This interference comes from Electrical towers, mobile phone towers, electrical storms and other detectors. It is also prevalent around built up areas which are close to detecting sites. It will allow the operator to run with a smooth threshold when a DD or MONO coil is extremely noisy. Its performance ability is only just behind that of a DD PRO however it can sometimes become slightly noisy when the mineralsiation content increases. These coils are best run on the more mild ground but perform excellently when encountering external noise. These coils were designed for the SALT LAKES of Western Australia but continue to prove their ability in many fields around the world. These coils do not need to run in cancel mode on the newer detectors as the coil is doing the work of cutting out the interference. These are best run in DD mode and will also work well with the discrimination function. Sensitivity is excellent and depth is very good so this coil is a good choice for many hunting areas.


  • Good ground coverage
  • Very robust design
  • Good pinpointing ability
  • Good maneuverability around tight areas
  • Well balanced
  • Excellent sensitivity and depth capabilities

Applicable metal detectors:

  • Minelab SD Series
  • Minelab GP Series
  • Minelab GPX series


SKU C02-0009
Brand Coiltek
Shipping Weight 1.0600kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.450m
Shipping Length 0.050m

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